Prioritization to Prediction, Volume 3 - Winning the Remediation Race

March 12, 2019

Produced in conjunction with the Cyentia Institute, this third volume of our Prioritization to Prediction series explores and analyzes the vulnerability management landscape. The research report uses data from the Kenna Security Platform to conduct a granular, in-depth analysis of the behavior and safety of more than 300 organizations with over 2 billion vulnerabilities. Some findings:

  • Organizations, regardless of size or industry, have the capacity to patch 1 in 10 vulnerabilities

  • The quickest industries, on average, patch vulnerabilities four to five times faster than the slowest

  • High-risk vulnerabilities are remediated almost twice as fast as others

  • Top Performers remediate vulns 3X faster

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Getting Real About Remediation
Getting Real About Remediation