Full-Stack Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

In 2011 Kenna Security pioneered a risk-based approach to vulnerability management, enabling enterprises to prioritize and actively manage their vulnerabilities based on the most informed and accurate exploit, vulnerability, and remediation intelligence available. Kenna enables informed risk-based remediation across your entire organization—full-stack.

View our infographic for a quick, visual peek into the magic of Kenna, including:

  • Some numbers around our wide range of data sources, real-time exploit information, and massive knowledgebase of vulnerabilities and remediation intelligence
  • The predictive analytics that let you forecast the future risk of vulnerabilities
  • Our ability to ingest the vulnerability scan data from any scanner
  • How we fully integrate application security with the platform



Prioritization to Prediction Report, Volume 1
Prioritization to Prediction Report, Volume 1

Analyzing Vulnerability Remediation Strategies

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