DEF CON Is Canceled

August 4, 2020 Jerry Gamblin

I don’t know if you have heard, but DEF CON is canceled this year. No, seriously.  Yeah, I know DEF CON being canceled is a popular joke, but this year it is 100% for sure, really canceled! Please do not go to Vegas next weekend. There is not a super l33t meeting of hackers really happening, and they are not just saying it is canceled to keep the noobs away. Seriously.  

A bunch of Safe Mode content will be available for free online, and there is a discord server that will make DEF CON accessible to more people this year than ever before. Here is a list of things I am looking forward to seeing this year. 


While DEF CON is 100%, for sure canceled here are the talks I am looking forward to watching: 

Room for Escape: Scribbling Outside the Lines of Template Security 

Hacking Traffic Lights

When TLS hacks you

Lateral Movement and Privilege Escalation in GCP

Application Security Village

In its second year, the application security village is quickly becoming one of the best villages at DEF CON. I will be hosting two round tables in this village. Here are some of the other talks I am looking forward to:

JWT Parkour

API (in)Security TOP 10: Guided tour to the Wild Wild World of APIs.

10,000 Dependencies Under The Sea: Exploring and Securing Open source dependencies

Agile Threat Modeling with Open-Source Tools from within Your IDE

Car Hacking Village

Car hacking is one of my favorite hobbies, and the car hacking village is probably my favorite place at DEF CON. Here are the talks from the village I am looking forward to: 

CMAP: Open Source Vehicle Services Mapping Tool for noobs

From Blackbox to Automotive Ransomware

Hacking Ludicrous Mode on a Tesla

I will also be spending some time checking out the Aerospace Village, BlueTeam Village, and the Crypto Village and contests. There is also a Defcon Radio Station to listen to to help set the mood. 

So, while not going to Vegas next weekend because DEF CON is canceled, there will still be plenty of content to help fill your hacking needs. 

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