Clocked: Customer Experience Survey Results Show Kenna Security Users Save Time, Improve Efficiency, and Collaborate Better

December 10, 2019 Charles Coaxum

Here at Kenna, we love customer feedback–in any form, at any time. It helps identify what we’re doing well and where we can improve. That’s important, because as the leader in risk-based vulnerability management, helping organizations prioritize their riskiest cyber vulnerabilities is something we take very seriously. 

So whenever we have the chance to learn about our customer experience (CX) from customers directly, it is a clear win. 

One way to secure this feedback is by directly surveying our user community–something we do regularly.  For instance, this past October we commissioned an independent survey to our customers. Out of that group, we received validated responses from 13 countries and across 25 industries.*

Our focus for this survey was to uncover how a risk-based approach to vulnerability management powered by the Kenna Security platform impacts organizations both quantitatively and qualitatively.

First, we asked customers about time saved across three categories: vulnerability investigation, vulnerability remediation, and reporting. We received some great insights. Let’s dive in…

Kenna Customers Save Time

More than half of our respondents reduced the time they spend on investigating vulns by at least 50%.

44% reduced time spent on remediation by at least 50%.

Over three quarters reduced time spent on vulnerability reporting by at least 25%.

These quantitative results draw a picture of organizations that are spending less time on vulnerability management activities overall–which means they have more time to devote to other strategic activities, including improving operational efficiency. Which leads us to the qualitative part of the survey.

Kenna Customers Are More Efficient

In addition to questions around time savings, we also asked customers how Kenna has transformed their organization as a whole. And the responses were awesome, in the most literal sense of the word. 

To any organization focused on providing an industry-leading UX to its customers, this kind of feedback is priceless. It measures how we are helping customers save time and create more efficient remediation operations. And it shows how individual organizations are using Kenna to bridge the communication divide between security and IT teams.

Kenna Customers Shape the Kenna CX

By offering their honest, unvarnished feedback, our customers help refine the Kenna Security platform in ways that we can’t on our own. We give them a data algorithm-packed risk prioritization platform and they tell us how to make the CX we provide even more efficient and more effective. It’s a process of continuous improvement, and every day it helps to shape our platform.

We do this because we recognize that vulnerability management shouldn’t be about wasting your time. It’s about helping you get that time back.  

Have feedback on the Kenna customer experience? Email me at

*About the survey
To ensure third-party data validation for Kenna Security’s 2019 customer survey, we commissioned Tech Validate to poll more than 2,000 cybersecurity decision makers and professionals, including CISOs, Cybersecurity Directors/Vice Presidents, IT Managers and Information Security Risk Officers. Tech Validate gathered responses from professionals in 13 countries across more than 25 industries, including financial services, healthcare, pharmaceutical, energy and utilities, retail, education, insurance, telecommunications, computer hardware and software, and more.  To review the latest research results, visit: (Kenna’s TechVal landing page URL)

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